Classes at 1930 on Tuesday and Thursday evenings

First class on Tue 24th March

Live classes url:
Classes can be viewed afterwards in the video section of the same page.

Hello, I'm Davey Faherty, I work at this kind of thing, and I'm going to be providing free classes that should get you to the stage where you can make a basic website and put it online in 3 or maybe 4 sessions. Something to keep the brain ticking along with all the madness.

This would be spread over 3 leisurely sessions of less than 2 hours, with an hour allowed after each one for helping everyone get through or just general waffle. These would be stored online so the only difference in doing it in real time or not would be you can ask questions live if you're watching live.

If you have me on LinkedIn or Facebook or similar ping me there by all means but please use the form at the bottom of this page to provide info so I have everyone in one place.

Below is a rough idea of what we'll cover, don't be put off, I know what the stuff means and all will be explained at a gentle pace.

  1. It’s Not That Hard, But It’s Weird: What it’s like learning to code
  2. Introduction to Web Pages
    1. What is a web page?
    2. Basic ingredients of a page
    3. Introduction to html tags
    4. Your first web page
  3. A more complex html page
    1. Discussion of how html tags are written
    2. How to change the appearance of text with html tags
    3. Paragraphs and lists
    4. Making a link
    5. Including an image
  4. 4. Installing and using VS Code to make coding easier
    1. a. Syntax highlighting explained
    2. b. Autocomplete on or off
  5. Introduction to CSS
    1. a. A simple example using <style> tag
    2. b. CSS files and how to include them
    3. c. Colours in css
      1. i. How colours work on a computer
      2. ii. Hex colours
      3. iii. rgb and rgba colours
  6. d. Typesetting in CSS
    1. i. Bold and italics
    2. ii. Line height and letter spacing
    3. iii. Text alignment
    4. iv. Indents and first character styling
  7. e. Styled backgrounds
    1. i. Colours
    2. ii. Images
  8. 6. Structuring your page
    1. a. Introduction to block and inline elements
    2. b. The <div> element
    3. c. CSS classes
    4. d. Arranging content with css flex
  9. 7. Organising your content
    1. a. Asset folders
    2. b. Embedded fonts
    3. c. Images
  10. 8. Making it perfect
    1. a. HTML tags that help Google and Facebook to understand your page
    2. b. Being precise about your page
    3. c. Putting your page online!
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