In this exercise you will apply things learned in the first class of the course. If you missed the class and know a little html it should be easy, if you get stuck you can go back and look at the class. In either case, if you can do this exercise, you're ready for the second class at 1930 on Thursday 26th. The image below shows what you'll be making in this exercise, and instructions are underneath.

Please note the title in the browser tab, you need that too.
You will need to use the following tags correctly to complete the exercise:
<html> <head> <title> <p> <br> <em> <strong> <a> <img>

Here are the external urls used.
Daffodil image url -
Wordsworth Trust url for link -

For a refresher, or if you're just joining in now, the video is below. You can ask questions on the Discord or by email if you have that. Good luck!

Watch Highlight: Learn to Make Websites - Course 1 from daveycacamilis on